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The 2020 Initiative: A Path to Academic Excellence and Economic Opportunity

In March 2013, the university launched the “2020 Initiative,” an ambitious plan to build on the institution’s excellence, create a more diverse community of scholars, and achieve financial stability. Based on more than a year of extensive study and consultation with the campus community and regional stakeholders, the 2020 Initiative put the university on a path toward adding up to 5,000 new students by 2020, along with corresponding increases in graduate students, faculty, staff and facilities. 

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  • Deliver the benefits of a UC education to an additional 5,000 deserving undergraduates – both California resident and non-resident students alike.
  • Provide more international experiences for our campus community to create a more diverse educational climate and prepare future global leaders.
  • Boost regional economic development and create new jobs on and off campus.
  • Provide sufficient additional revenue to support up to 300 new faculty positions.
  • Improve our existing infrastructure and make investments needed to sustain and grow excellence.
  • Increase financial stability by generating resources to replace declining state funding.

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