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Are you looking for a challenging and rewarding academic experience? If so, put UC Davis at the top of your college search. We have 102 undergraduate majors and 101 graduate programs. Each one offers an excellent education at one of the best public universities in the nation.

2018 Admission Statistics

(all ranges reflect the middle 50% of students admitted)

2018 Freshmen GPA
2018 freshmen admit rate was 41.2%
2018 Freshmen SAT total 1260-1460, math 630-780, reading 600-700
2018 Freshmen ACT total 28-33
2018 Transfer GPA 3.34-3.81
2018 Transfer Admit Rate is 55.4%

Connect With UC Davis Academics

Learn more about our majors and minors国产亚洲视频中文字幕-国产在线精彩亚洲久久免费视频-2019日日拍夜夜啪在线视频-欧美一级高清片. We share career outcomes and the requirements to complete your degree. 

As part of your UC Davis experience, we encourage you to engage with other cultures. Study abroad is an education like no other.

To make progress toward your degree, take advantage of summer programs. You can also enroll in a range of electives, both on and off campus.

Our faculty will mentor you

Our graduate students engage with a diverse community of scholars. They’re mentored by distinguished faculty, and they work in state-of-the-art facilities.

UC Davis prepares professional students to be at the top of their fields. They’re known as innovators and problem solvers.

International students will discover that UC Davis is a thriving global community. More than 6,000 students and scholars from more than 100 countries visit our campus every year.

Our students call their college or school国产亚洲视频中文字幕-国产在线精彩亚洲久久免费视频-2019日日拍夜夜啪在线视频-欧美一级高清片 home. It’s also a launching pad to a future filled with possibilities. We welcome students from all backgrounds, many of them first-generation or out-of-state. We'll connect you with peers, staff and faculty dedicated to your success.