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A Venn Diagram of the One Health Approach at UC Davis


At UC Davis, we provide a unique integrated approach that accelerates preventive measures to advance public health. We also improve health through the linkage of novel transdisciplinary teams that include physicians, nurses, public health professionals, veterinarians, agricultural scientists, ecologists, social scientists, engineers, biologists and other professionals. Working alone, these disciplines focus on aspects of large, complex problems that are distinct; when brought together, they speed the identification of holistic solutions.

What is One Health?

One Health国产亚洲视频中文字幕-国产在线精彩亚洲久久免费视频-2019日日拍夜夜啪在线视频-欧美一级高清片 is an approach to ensure the well being of people, animals and the environment through collaborative problem solving — locally, nationally, and globally.

Zoonotic Diseases One Health Infographic - 75% of infectious diseases are transmitted from animals to humans