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One Health is an approach to ensure the well being of people, animals and the environment through collaborative problem solving — locally, nationally, and globally.国产亚洲视频中文字幕-国产在线精彩亚洲久久免费视频-2019日日拍夜夜啪在线视频-欧美一级高清片 Understanding and addressing health and societal issues at this intersection forms the foundation for the One Health work that we do at UC Davis, while advancing technologies and science-based evidence increases awareness, knowledge, and understanding of health interdependency.

Zoonotic Diseases One Health Infographic - 75% of infectious diseases are transmitted from animals to humans

One in six Americans will become sick with a foodborne illness annually

All life forms are connected. Understanding the interactions between them is critical to protecting the health of all. One Health is an approach that impacts the quality of our everyday lives.

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One Health approach in addressing global health threats

国产亚洲视频中文字幕-国产在线精彩亚洲久久免费视频-2019日日拍夜夜啪在线视频-欧美一级高清片The One Health approach recognizes that we live in a global society with threats linked to climate change, human population growth, changing land use and emerging pandemics.  Our work is comprehensive and interdisciplinary, seeking interventions that address interacting causes of poor health such as unsafe and scarce water, lack of sanitation, food insecurity and infectious diseases.